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The name of this website was inspired by my passion of observing very faint deep sky objects under dark skies.   They appear as Faint Fuzzies even in large telescopes, such as my 22" and 30" reflectors, even in my friend's 48" reflector.

This primary purpose of this website is to provide a source of advanced observing guides.  If you have a large telescope and are tired of seeing the same ol' bright stuff over and over again, running out of objects to observe, or like to be challenged - Take a look at the guides I made available for you by clicking on Observing Guides or Downloadable Observing Guides. 

Check out my Observing Reports link to see a sampling of you can see through a large telescope.

New Challenge Object:  Andromeda's Parachute - newly discovered quad gravitationally-lensed quasar as reported by an observer on DeepSkyForums.com

Update (2021): The three observing guides are upgraded from 60# paper to much nicer 80# paper.  The Arp Galaxy observing guide has been revised.

My daughter and I with our 30" Starmaster at GSSP 2008
The reflector in the background is my 22" f/4 reflector

My 22" f/4 reflector at one of our observing sites


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